Arihant BITSAT Preparation Guide PDF Download for FREE

Arihant BITSAT Preparation Guide PDF Download for FREE

Download Arihant Self Study Guide BITSAT Prep Guide PDF

The most important thing required for BITSAT is an organized study material and a large pool of questions to practice. Arihant Bitsat Prep Guide is One of the best-selling Reference books for BITSAT which helps you to find out the type of questions asked in BITSAT and to revise the concepts quickly.

Fact:  Arihant is a leading book publisher in India. Especially Arihant Books are highly recommended for Competitive exams like JEE & NEET.

Some Tips To Crack BITSAT-

  1. Revise the important chapters 
  2. Practice your weak chapters.
  3. Take mock tests and analyze.
  4. Solve BITSAT previous year’s question papers.
  5. Practice important formulas, reactions, and equations.

Highlights of Arihant BITSAT Self Guide:

  • The Arihant Self Study Guide is a great resource for cracking the Bitsat.
  • The key concepts given at the beginning of each chapter in Arihant are of great relevance to the type of questions asked in Bitsat.
  • The book has questions that are exactly at par with the level of the examination. The book is well revised and contains most questions that are repeatedly asked in the exam.
  • The tests at the back are pretty much of the same level as a standard Bitsat Paper. The question bank following every chapter is relevant too.

Drawbacks of Download Arihant BITSAT Prep Guide PDF:

There are not any major drawbacks of this book. Keeping in mind, the book is targeted to solve sorts of questions, the concepts aren’t given thoroughly. So, alongside the Arihant book, you furthermore may get to study from the NCERT textbooks as they build a really stable base for what you’ll study from the Self-study guide.

Arihant BITSAT Prep GuideDownload PDF

Tips for BITSAT Preparation:

  1. You should have a thorough knowledge of class 11 and 12 syllabi to get a good score in BITSAT.
  2. You should be crystal clear with the concepts because BITSAT touches almost all the topics. 
  3. The Questions will be easier, So try solving as many papers as you can because Bitsat is all about how many correct answers you can give in a short span of time. 
  4. Unlike JEE, In Bitsat you have to solve 150 (+12 bonus questions ) in 3 hours and with +3 for Correct Answer -1 for the wrong attempt.
  5. The questions are on the easier side but speed and accuracy are required – which you can only attain with practice.
  6. Almost the entire syllabus is common between JEE, Boards, and BITSAT exams. Additionally, you need to prepare for the logic and English sections which are exclusive to the Bitsat.
  7. Don’t forget to learn formulas as many questions are formula-based. Also, Read Ncert for few chapters of Chemistry.

FAQs related to Arihant BITSAT Prep Guide:

Is Arihant BITSAT book enough for BITSAT Preparation ?

In order to score good marks in BITSAT, it is very important that your concepts should be clear and you should have strong fundamentals. Yes, Arihant’s book is good for your preparation.

I am already preparing for JEE, Should I need to Prepare seperately for BITSAT ?

If you’re studying for JEE Mains & Advanced, you actually don’t need to study any extra material for the BITSAT as the syllabus is pretty much the same. Any standard book you use for your preparation is good enough to get you well through the exam.

Are the level of Questions in JEE Main and BITSAT are same ?

Yes, The level of Questions are on the easier side as of JEE Main. But There is a difference in the paper pattern and for that doing mock tests is most important. You can look up free tests online on platforms like TCY or Embibe and practice.

Is BITSAT is a Tough Exam ?

The level of HARDWORK for BITSAT is in-between the JEE Main & Advanced examination and around 65-70 % of the questions asked are from class 12th syllabus. Speed and Accuracy are the most important factors to score Good marks in Bitsat.

How to Secure Good Rank in BITSAT ?

The most important task to ace BITSAT is to strengthen your concepts. Solve lots of questions from the book. Attempt mock tests online from Careers360, etc



TopicNo of QuestionsTotal MarkWeightage %
Electricity and Magnetism154537.5%
Heat and Thermodynamics41210%
Modern Physics41210%
SHM & Waves41210%


SectionNo of QuestionsMax MarksWeightage %
Physical Chem -1103025%
Physical Chem -282420%
Organic Chem -151522.5%
Organic Chem -292712.5%
Inorganic Chem -1265%
Inorganic Chem -261815%


TopicNo of QuestionsMarksWeightage %
Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines264%
Continuity and Differentiability264%
Theory of Equation264%
Binomial Theorem264%
Sets Relations and Functions264%
Properties of Triangles164%
Trigonometric Ratios and Identities264%
Trigonometric Equations264%
Matrices & Determinants397%
Application of Derivatives72116%
Permitations and Combinations397%
Sequence & Series41213%
Inverse Trigonometry132%
Limits & Differential Coefficient264%
Complex Numbers132%


TopicWeightage %
Synonyms & Antonyms30%
Sentence Completion15%
Rearrangement of Jumbled words15%
One Word Substitution15%
Rules of Conjuctions3%


TopicWeightage %
Figure Formation & Analysis30%
Figure Matrix15%
Analogy Test15%
Series Test15%
Logical Deduction3%
Figure Completion Test3%
Paper Folding Cutting3%
Detection of the Rule3%


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